Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hee-haw Hoe-Down

Thanks to Carl and Carla and their family for organizing a wonderful Hoe-Down again. Our family had a great time and I know everyone else did too. We had such a great time that we stayed until 8 pm, which is late for our kids. We were all tired and I didn't post until now (Sunday afternoon) because we just made it to church this morning and are only now finally home.

Ok, to answer your burning question, no, I did not win the bake-off. A flan (can you believe that!?! I don't really care for flan, but an "expert" at our table said that when flan is good, it's really wonderful) and a coconut cake tied for first place. Even though the cupcake recipe is exceptional, I think it would take something more than "vanilla" to stand out in the judges' minds and tastebuds. But the cupcakes were popular with the eaters, even if they weren't with the judges. I am starting now to plan next year's comeback to victory...just kidding. :)

Tom and I were happy that Lukas figured out how to participate in the dancing, so he had a better time than he did last year. Natalie had fun wearing Tom's hat, even though she didn't want to wear her own hat. I love the picture of Konrad because it's the only one I have that shows his two teeth, and I don't look terrible in it, so I'm posting it. Tom did a great job grilling the tri-tip (a lot of people said...I'm not biased just because he's my husband!) And thanks to Karen and Tom C. for watching the kids so Tom and I could dance one set.

Next year should be even better, because all of our kids will be walking by that we will be chasing them instead of carrying them!

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Heather said...

Sounds like fun, but flan?! Come on now ;o) .......