Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jessica started it... posting pictures of Alex's feet. Then Kelly showed off AnnaKate's cute feet. Then Michelle gave a beginners genetics class in diagnosing Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome with pictures of Austin.

This morning, I was painting my toenails (something I have never done while Natalie was awake). Natalie was interested in what I was doing (she always shows interest in my pink toenails, but she only sees them when they are dry), so I decided to try painting her keep her from touching my toes while they were wet, and to see if Natalie could have pretty painted toes too! I was pleasantly surprised that she sat still for it and that she kept her fingers off her toes while they were wet.

Here are some shots of the event. Natalie got a lot of compliments today at church on her pretty toes (of course, she wore her white sandals to show off her new pedicure).

I think her feet look a lot like Austin's, although she doesn't have the crease in the bottom of the foot that he has. Michelle has an interesting name for that crease! :) Natalie wears a size 5W or 5 1/2W...not as tiny as AnnaKate's feet, even though they're only a few months apart in age. It will be fun to see how Alex's feet turn out as he becomes a toddler and starts walking!


Michelle said...

I just LOVE Natalie's feet! There's just something about a little girl with painted toenails.

Kelly said...

Ok---AnnaKate is next for a pedicure!
I love that Natalie sat still for you to paint her toes.

Heather said...

Look at those cutie pie toes!!! Makes me :)

~Heather :)

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I love the shot with both of your feet! So Sweet!