Thursday, June 12, 2008

Learning how to eat

Konrad is learning how to eat. Which means he is not currently eating, but food is entering his mouth and then exiting the way it came in, as opposed to exiting his mouth down his throat. I remember it running out Lukas' mouth (tongue thrust) when he learned to eat. But Konrad is blowing the food out of his mouth. He even starts blowing before the spoon is in his mouth.

Maybe I waited too long to start with him.

A couple of days ago I realized that Konrad's "feeding therapy" (once you have one special needs child, subsequent kids get "therapy" when they learn something new) will have to be a special time when I'm not eating and when the kids aren't eating, because it takes all my attention to work with him. So I'm working on feeding Konrad cereal before his 2 p.m. feeding. I think I remember that it took one week of once-a-day sessions for Lukas to learn to swallow cereal.

Konrad says it's time to go feed him the food that he will really swallow.

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Michelle said...

I waited till 6 months to feed Andrew solids as well. I don't think you waited too long, I think you just have a stinker on your hands! LOL