Thursday, June 12, 2008

Therapy Marathon

Natalie had 2.5 hours of therapy today. Normally she has 1.5 hours on Monday and Thursday, but we're in make-up mode because of VBS at the end of the month. The way the Regional Center (the state contractor that pays for her therapy) works is that make-ups have to be in the same month as the missed hours.

I wasn't certain she would last through that much therapy, because the most she had ever done at once was 2 hours, but she did great. She didn't fall asleep on the way home, and I decided to not give her a nap before lunch since it was so late (she is sleeping like a rock this afternoon, though!)

Lukas had a great time at preschool. One thing I've had to get used to in these two days now without Lukas in my morning, is the quiet. The peace and quiet of a quiet baby and no jabbering 4-year old. I REALLY notice the difference. I can think, I can make decisions, and I can be relaxed without Lukas around. That doesn't mean I don't love him SO MUCH, but I notice how much more calm I am when I don't have Lukas with me.

Today I got the car washed, and went to Wal-Mart and The Children's Place. Konrad is such an easy shopper and everyone loves to see his glowing smile. It's nice that he takes center stage now when we're out! But I have to learn new habits and talk to Konrad, instead of having the habit of constantly answering Lukas' questions.

I've rambled a bit, but I can't wait for June to be over and have our "normal" therapy schedule next month.

BTW, Natalie is slowly accepting life without a pacy. She will chew on the too-large one once in a while, but she doesn't suck on it. I think that there is no going back to the small one! But Natalie does need to learn how to calm herself without a pacy (since she doesn't use her thumb in that way). We have taught her to fold her hands, just like we do with Lukas, and that sometimes helps her, but not in the sure-fire way that a pacy did.

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