Wednesday, June 25, 2008

VBS Day 3

This morning Lukas asked for "toast and jam" for breakfast. We usually have cold cereal during the week, but he asked nicely so I agreed. Lukas doesn't like eggs, but he likes cracking them, and he's gotten pretty good! He cracked five eggs without breaking any yolks...Chef Lukas in training!

Here are a few pictures I captured of Lukas at VBS: snack time and craft time. The blue jello represents the flood (there are gummy animals in the jello) and Lukas painted a stained glass rainbow with a chime at the bottom (he LOVES chimes).

Before the final assembly, I picked up Konrad and Natalie from the nursery (the last two days I picked them up after the assembly, but I heard them getting a little fussy so I picked them up early and brought them). I am definitely doing that the next two days, because Natalie loved seeing all the kids get together. She walked from the back of the sanctuary all the way up front and wanted to participate in the singing that Kate was leading. I think she was very interested in the clapping and noise that was going on and just had to get involved. It got me a little teary, thinking that she may be able to participate in VBS in a year or two.

Our tomato plants are producing! The few hot days we had were not enough to push the plants into hyperdrive (meaning our family can eat everything that is currently being produced), but we are picking more and more tomatoes . Here's what we had for dinner: Insalata Caprese (tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, salt, olive oil and basil, served on sliced baguette [baked fresh today]). YUM! I could live on bread and cheese and tomatoes. The tomatoes and basil are from our garden (Tom bought me a basil plant and found a spot to plant it where miraculously it's not been eaten by six-legged creatures).

And for a special treat, we had ice cream cones after dinner...the ocean breeze made sitting in the backyard a must. But I guess we would have to move to San Diego to have weather like this (almost) all of the time.

What a great day!


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Im so exctied that she is walking!!!!!

Kelly said...

My favorite meal ever...can I come over for dinner?? :)