Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chatty girl

Natalie has really started talking a lot more in the past few weeks. I don't know if it's because of her ear tubes, or because of more interaction with other kids her age every day during VBS, or just because she's decided she's going to talk more. It's very encouraging...but she has a lot of ups and downs with talking, so we have to be very patient about it.

During VBS, Sarah mentioned that she got up to check on her own child, and Natalie said, "stay here!" Sarah asked me if Natalie speaks, and I told her that she does say some words, but usually only once, and not again if you ask her to.

This weekend we were playing in the front yard and Natalie walked (yes, we're still excited about the walking!) to one of our big trees. I said, "what is that, Natalie?" And she said, "tee." I asked her to say "tree" again, and she said "tee!" several times. But once I showed her the sign for tree, then she would only sign tree instead of saying it.

Natalie's OT, Christina, has good success in getting Natalie to talk for her (I don't watch Natalie's interaction with her speech and physical therapists very often since that's at the clinic, but Christina still comes to our house). Natalie has said "cat" and "dog" in response to Christina's question about puzzle pieces.

We have to remember to insist that Natalie speak, and then she'll speak. If we don't insist, she will sign, and we understand what she's saying, but she's not practicing speech.

She's very excited about signing book, cheese and tree now. But she is very chatty with her mouth, especially when she reads a book to herself. I remember Lukas doing the same thing, and I hope it's an indicator of a breakthrough with speaking. Tom and I have to work with her to get her to keep speaking. It's hard to remember to do!


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Natalie is such an encouragement for me, and Im sure for others! Post more videos of her when you get a chance, I love to watch her in action!

BusyBee said...

That's great news. I'm sure that all of your encouragement for her to talk really goes a long way with her.

Kelly said...

AnnaKate makes a funny noise...kind of like whining...when she "reads" books. It cracks me up! She does it every time.
I am excited that you are getting some words...we have gotten ma-ma and da-da but not very reliable.

Myssie said...

That is great news!! Will says some words some of the time, but not all of the time. Before long you are going to have to set the timer for Natalie too! (Which I thought was a great idea and have used the technique with Caroline a few times) ;-)