Monday, July 21, 2008


Here's what Konrad thought of the dissolveable puffs that Sarah recommended (notice him spitting it out in the third picture). Tomorrow I'll try zwieback toast.


Sarah said... it's not an instant fix. I would keep going with the cereal, and he's 7 mos so you could start some veggies/fruits. Maybe carrots since they're a little sweet? Have you tried warm vs. cold? Is he interested at all in biter biscuits/crackers - something he can hold and bring to his mouth himself? How about frozen fruit slices to try gnawing on...supervised or in a mesh bag so he gets the taste but no big chunks. If all else fails, just feed him sand - he certainly wasn't upset about eating it at the beach :)

Terri H-E said...

Addie would join him in a nice plate of sand. It's one of her favorites.

Wow, Konrad certainly resembles mama. In our family we'd start calling him CJ - Cindy Junior. My older daughter is MJ - after her 15 year old cousin, Maddie, who's mannerisms somehow Cate inherited sideways...