Monday, July 21, 2008

Working on the next milestone

I bought a potty for Natalie today while she was at therapy. I'm not getting excited...don't worry about that! Most kids with RTS don't potty train until 5 or 6 or even later. I know one RTS girl who was using the potty (but probably not completely trained) at 4.

But I thought that since Natalie is now walking, we could at least introduce the concept. I have no ambitions that she will potty train any sooner than the average, but I have thought it possible that she might train at about the same time as if he trains at 2, she'll be 4. She has not shown any interest in it, but I thought introducing the sitting-down-with-pants-down concept early might avoid an aversion later when she is old enough.

Someone gave me a potty when Lukas was a baby, but I threw it out since he was too big to sit on it...we went straight to a seat on the toilet. But since Natalie is smaller and less steady, a potty on the floor is a good idea for her...until she outgrows it too!


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I was just thinking that we should hang on to our potty for Alex, it makes music when you go in it! Very exciting.

Natalie looks precious wrapped up with her daddy.

Jeremy and Laura Lebow said...

I have found your blog through a link from my friend, Mashel's, who has a foster baby with CP. I have a 27 year old sister who has RTS and my mom and I were excited to see a whole community of people blogging out there about their kids with RTS, as it is so rare! I just set up a blog for her that I don't know how much it will get updated, but there is information:

Kelly said...

We stay a few steps behind Natalie and I don't think I am ready for potty training. Notice I said..."I"!! It is great to introduce it and get her to start thikning about it. Right not AnnaKate just likes to play in the potty!!
Kelly Weekes