Friday, July 18, 2008

Special Kids Day

Even though Natalie doesn't go to CHOC anymore for swallowing therapy, she (and we) are still invited to the annual Special Kids Day in Long Beach. Tom took the day off (we had so much fun last year) so we could all go. This year was even better than last...there were fewer people on the beach (last year was much more crowded) and this year the lunch was catered by In N Out!

And this year Sarah (Natalie's former swallowing therapist) was there, so we got to catch up and Natalie could dazzle her with her new skills. Sarah's advice re: Konrad's feeding was to try dissolvable puffs with him...I'll try it! If I'm eating while Konrad is on my lap, he really tries to grab and put in his mouth anything I'm eating or holding. He has the interest, but...

Lukas rode the jet ski again, Natalie balanced on a paddle board (on her belly) and Konrad crawled around in the sand. We all rode on a power boat and watched the acrobatic displays on jet skis. It was a very fun time...and we forgot our camera, so no pictures. :( But we're very happy we did a dry run last week with our first trip to the beach with three kids. And on the way home we stopped at the optician to get Natalie's bent frames put right.

After a late night last night at a concert in a park, and a full day today, the kids are very tired. So are we! We need an early night tomorrow night!

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Kelly said...

And you just had to rub it in ...we don't have In N Out burgers in the south!! :)
What a fun day...can't believe you forgot your camera!