Monday, July 7, 2008

The ups and downs of parenting

Natalie had great therapy sessions today (every day, walking with more control and stability), Konrad is crawling a few "steps" already (in between falling on his head and giving himself a baby shiner on his upper cheek) and Lukas was non-stop talking about what fun he had at school today. Those are the ups.

Today's downer is: Natalie threw up twice this evening in her bed (maybe that's why she didn't want to eat much dinner?) Tom and I have the routine down: he bathes her and I change the bed linens and clean up everything on the crib bars, down the wall, on the know. Tom commented that we're lucky that our kids throw up so rarely, and it's true! It's been a long time since Natalie was sick like this, and a very long time for Lukas, and Konrad...never, so far. Hopefully the boys don't get what Natalie has! And we hope Natalie feels better soon.


Kelly said...

Oh, I hope Natalie is feeling better soon! Sounds like our routine too. John cleans up Max and I clean up the bed. Awesome news on the walking and crawling though. And you should get another video of Lucas talking on your blog. If you could wear out utube, Ava would have worn out the "what happens when you flush the toilet" video. She loves it. She says he is four like me, how does he know all of this. She is in awe! He is impressing the ladies already! lol!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I let Adam do the bed, and I clean up Alex. I hate changing crib sheets.
Hopefully its just a 24 hour thing, and she will feel better tonight!