Tuesday, July 8, 2008

On the mend

Natalie is doing much better this morning... thanks for your prayers and kind thoughts! She did throw up for the third time at 11 p.m. last night, and then she had a brief fussy period at 3 a.m. I gave her 1 ounce of water in her tube and some pain medication and she slept well until 6:30 a.m. (when she's sick, it's a relief to have the tube to fall back on). She was quite ready to eat breakfast, but I made sure it was a small one to ease her back into the groove. Natalie was quite eager to drink this morning, and tolerated Tylenol by mouth (she hasn't learned to spit it out, like Konrad does) so that's a good thing.

I would have called her OT last night to cancel this morning's therapy, but it was too late to call. Then this morning, she was doing so well, so I didn't call to cancel, and Natalie did fine during therapy (at home)...but I wouldn't have taken her to the clinic, and we're not going to Bible study this morning.

And I need the time at home, because last night as Natalie was throwing up, I was picking peaches off our tree, so now I have two big bowls of peaches that need to be made into jam. I think we'll pick the rest of our tree this week. With the weather being so hot, some of the peaches are rotting on the tree, and then those that touch another peach make that one rot. Yuck! Tom and I are not peach experts, and we're not used to a whole tree ripening so quickly. As Tom mentioned last night, we're used to our lime, avocado and pomegranate trees, which give you several months time to pick. So Lukas will be helping me make jam today, and probably another day this week.


Kelly said...

Glad little Natalie is feeling better. Throwing up is so yuck!!

Wow---how neat to have such great fruiting trees in your backyard. We just pick a ton of plums yesterday. I don't think I will be as good as you and make jam! :0

Rachel said...

Praise God that Natalie is feeling better! It is fun picking your own produce, but not fun when the birds are getting them. They get the peaches on the very top.

BusyBee said...

Glad to hear Natalie is better. We are looking forward to seeing you at church this Sunday! Bella and I are coming to CA for a visit.