Wednesday, July 9, 2008

There's nothing like a bath... bond the brothers! Since Konrad is sitting up better, I finally got him out of the baby bathtub and sitting up in the kitchen sink, where he can also play with toys and splash around a lot better. Lukas got out his step stool and came to splash with Konrad.

Little did I know, eight years ago when Rose and I remodeled the kitchen, that the sink I chose would be bathing children. I bought the sink because I liked the small sink on the right side, perfect for everyday washing and prepping, and the huge big sink on the left side, the right size to rinse a Thanksgiving turkey before roasting, or wash the huge pots and pans that only get used once in a while.

It turns out that the huge sink on the left side is also perfect for bathing babies (until they start standing up...then it's time for the tub). I bought a sink-sized mat for the bottom so Lukas-then-Natalie-then-Konrad doesn't slip on the bottom, and it's less wear on my back, since I'm not bending over.

And what smells better than a freshly washed baby?


Rachel said...

That is so cute!

Heather said...

Nothing smells better! Baby baths in kitchen sinks .... *sigh* ... :)