Thursday, July 10, 2008

VERY Happy at The Happy Ones

Aunts Chris and Patrice gave/long-term loaned a piano to us! It arrived last night after the kids were in bed (we hadn't warned them it was coming). Lukas and Natalie were quite excited when they saw it this morning. When Tom asked Lukas what it was, Lukas said, "It's like at Aunt Rose's house." (Aunt Rose also has a piano)

Playing the piano takes higher priority than watching television! I told Lukas he had to do one or the other (he tried to play the piano WHILE he was watching TV).

I played the piano as a child, so I'll be working with Lukas to teach him the basics...then when I can't teach him any more, we'll find lessons for him (if he continues to have interest, as we suspect he will). And we'll give Natalie as much time on the piano as she will take, too!

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