Monday, August 18, 2008

Swim lessons

Lukas finally started swimming lessons today. We had talked about having him go to swimming lessons at the beginning of the summer, but then decided to send him to summer preschool instead. The major point is to give Lukas something to do during Natalie's twice-a-week therapy. Preschool was twice a week, but swimming is once a week.

But after all that, I wasn't able to schedule a swimming class during Natalie's therapy, so we had to go with one immediately after her therapy. I was definitely hoping to only have one child to supervise while Lukas was in the pool...but it was not to be. I expect that when the next 8-week session starts, we will be able to book a more favorable time since Lukas will already be a student.

So we went right after Natalie's therapy today. Lukas was jumping out of his skin to go. I had reserved a place in a group class (up to four kids in a class), but it turned out there is only one kid in the class...Lukas! So he gets 30 minutes of private lessons for the price of a group class. It's likely that kids will join the class later, but it was great that he got one-on-one attention for at least the first class, so he can learn the ropes.

The challenge for me was keeping Natalie occupied (and not running into the pool) for 30 minutes. She wanted to be out of the stroller and walking, so we walked outside the gate so I didn't fear her jumping in the pool. Then I had her practice standing facing forward on the Sit and Stand Stroller (usually she is buckled in, sitting) while I pushed. This sidewalk was a good place to practice that. Of course, Konrad was happy to lounge with his pacy, hoping for a real nap in a real crib very soon.

Lukas' lesson late in the morning is definitely not an ideal situation for Natalie and Konrad (or me!) but since it's just for 8 weeks, I figure we can survive with the prospect of a better schedule the next time. Actually, since one lesson time falls on Labor Day, there are only 6 more lessons with this schedule. I'm already counting down!

Did I mention Lukas loves it? He does. His teacher suggested Lukas move to an earlier class that also has just one boy in it, but I told her I couldn't because of Natalie's schedule. So she's going to see if the other boy can move to Lukas' time. She said the other boy is more shy, but more advanced in swimming, so Lukas might be more likely to copy what he sees the other boy doing, and the other boy might come out of his shell a little bit with Lukas' personality.

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