Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And still more water play...

This summer has been one of the coolest summers in Southern California in my memory, but it's still hot enough to play in the water. We hosted a water slide party today with a few friends before it gets cooler, although we have been known to break out the sprinkler and wading pool in the dead of winter.

Joey coming down the slide; Cana and James hamming it for the camera in the tunnel; Bethany making waves on the slide; the line for the slide is almost as long as a line at Disneyland!; Lukas and Jude enjoying indoor play to warm up after the cold water; Derek playing "clapping" with Natalie; Miranda finally gets a turn on the swing; Ana and Luca posing for the camera; Hannah and Miranda trying to convince Natalie that her turn is up; Jude saying "cheese" for the camera; the lunch crowd.

Thanks to everyone who came...we had a very fun time and hope to do it again next year!

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Ana said...

Thank You so much for being a wonderful host!We enjoyed it !!