Saturday, August 2, 2008

The tables have turned

In the first few weeks after Konrad was born, my greatest fear was that Natalie would hurt him (unintentionally) by poking his eyes. She was in the "look, Mom, those are his eyes!" stage...a stage that has continued to this day, but is less of a problem because Konrad is bigger and because she has understood that she is not supposed to touch his eyes. Now she pats him on the head and kisses him.

But now the tables have turned and I am more worried about Konrad hurting Natalie.

I hear Natalie crying in another room and rush in to find Konrad with a death grip on her hair. She's not able to get herself away from his strong grip and just cries until I return.

Obviously you are unlikely to see a picture of this, because I am not going to stop to take a picture before I save Natalie from her brother's clenches. I might only capture a picture accidentally if I were ready to take a picture and he grabbed her hair mid-shutter-click.

Konrad also takes Natalie's glasses off her face, and has recently begun grabbing her sippy cup. Now that I can take a picture of. I don't think he's actually drunk anything from the cup...he's just using it as a teething toy. Anything becomes a teething toy with Konrad: a book, the piano leg, my leg...

Here's Konrad using the other end of the sippy cup as a teething toy...the spout makes a good handle.

You might have noticed that sometimes there are two sippy cups in pictures of Natalie. That's because, in our effort to get her to drink more, sometimes we leave the "old" cup out when we fix her next cup. We have discovered that she enjoys drinking from two cups at the same time: sip of milk, sip of apple juice, sip of milk, sip of apple juice. We don't do this all the time, but usually if her old cup is still rather full. Hey, it works!

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