Thursday, February 5, 2009


#1 Lukas hasn't had another stomach pain today, so that's great news. He can't explain what happened yesterday, but I do believe that he had pain. I think that when the pain went away, he still wanted to go to the doctor because he thought that would keep the pain from coming back. I didn't give him any Tylenol or Motrin because I was looking ahead to a possible hospital visit, so I think he viewed my inability to give him medicine to make it better as a sign that a doctor needed to tell me what to give him if it happened again.

#2 Natalie went pee in the potty again today! Since she's been pooping in her diaper at about 11 am, I thought I'd put her on the potty before she went to school, since I needed to change her diaper anyway. She sat for a few minutes and when I was ready to get her up, she had peed! Now we need to work with her OT on helping her learn to pull her pants down by herself, and eventually get pull-ups. Natalie's OT had been working with her on dressing (both top and bottom) before Natalie turned 3, but I think now that Natalie's in the school environment, the OT can only work on pulling down pants, since that relates to toileting, and toileting is important to going to school.

Bad Mommy...I still don't have M&Ms. I don't buy candy, so I can't remember to buy it when I really need it. Ok, I'll go put it on the shopping list!

#3 Konrad's fever remained under control with Tylenol and Motrin, so no trips to the hospital last night. He alternates between happy and inconsolable. Poor guy! He hasn't eaten much today, and he's drinking less than normal, but I think it's still enough. He still has a soft spot, so I can monitor that to make sure he's not dehydrated. Ok, he doesn't have a cold...he has the flu. So far, no one else is sick...let's pray it stays that way!


Myssie said...

Poor Konrad. I can tell by the picture that he doesn't feel well. I hope that he gets to feeling better soon!

Michelle said...

Poor baby! He looks miserable! Austin was sent home from school yesterday with a low grade fever but thankfully he woke up this morning without one so here's hoping we're over that and Andrew doesn't get it!