Thursday, February 26, 2009

A completely foreign world

And, no, I'm not talking about becoming a parent of a special needs child. We've been walking that walk and learning that language for three years now, and I've become fairly fluent, thank you very much.

I'm talking about TRANSFORMERS.

Lukas received quite a few toys for his birthday, and we've been opening one a day (of course he unwrapped them all after the party, but he didn't actually take them out of the boxes). We've been opening a present during quiet time each day, so he can enjoy the toy without Natalie and Konrad pawing over it. Today he asked to open the Transformer.

I got it out of the box ok, but getting it to transform from a truck into a robot is more than a four-year degree 18 years ago prepared me for. But Lukas is having a ball with it. Ok, I did get it to transform into a robot...and then I found the instructions. Getting it to transform back into a truck was what we'll wait for Tom to enjoy.

He's five. Wow.


Brandi said...

My husband loves transformers, in fact, he collects them! He has all of the vintage ones. Pretty cool!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I never can do it, i try and try, when i was pregnant with Alex I sat for an entire hour and tried....