Friday, February 27, 2009


Have I mentioned that "Hi!" is Natalie's favorite thing to say? Well, besides "Bye!" I think she says "Hi!" with so much inflection because she loves Rachel Coleman of Signing Time, and Rachel says "Hi!" at the beginning of each video.

As Natalie's speech therapist has said, Natalie has gotten a lot of props for a few months for saying "Hi!" but now she needs to say more. We're trying to get her to put two and three words together, like "Hi, Mom!" and "Hi, baby!"

The only two words she puts together consistently, without prompting, is "more, please" which sounds like "Mah, peeeeees."

Here's a picture of her saying "Hi!" when I went to get her off the bus today. She loves school, but she's very tired at the end and loves to come home and tell Tigger about her day. We pray that one day she'll tell us about her day!


angie said...

She will...just wait:). Then, she'll say, "Why...but why? WHY....BUT WHY??? WHY....BUT WHY?????" and although it would annoy most will all be music to your ears:).

Go Natalie GO!!!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I just love that girl!

Kelly said...

Natalie has made such great progress!

I can't wait until AnnaKate starts talking.

Kelly W.

Kristi said...

I pray for the same for Noah . Good job Natalie.. I am proud of you

Myssie said...

Look at her lookin' like a big girl on the school bus!! I love you Natalie!! Good job!

Rachel Coleman said...

Hi Natalie!
I am so glad that you love Signing Time and that you are learning from me and Leah and Alex.

My daughter Lucy is also in Signing Time, she is the cutie in the wheelchair. Lucy is 8 and just started walking this year with a gait-trainer! (YEAH!)

Around here we know that every milestone is a big milestone! Congratulations on all of yours and keep signing and talking with us!

Lots of love~