Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lukas' birthday party

Much to the joy of Lukas--and the rest of us!--Lukas' birthday party finally arrived. He's been asking how many days for more than a month, and claiming "he couldn't wait", but the past few days went quickly and the day arrived, bright and clear (my continuing planning challenge with winter birthdays--what to do in case it rains--was not realized today!)

The party started with a tour of a fire station and then lunch and games at a park. Lukas loved trying on the heavy fire jacket, Natalie loved finding her reflection in the shiny chrome part of the fire engine, Konrad loved running around without being in a stroller, and Tom was happy he didn't have to keep Natalie and Konrad from playing with the trucks because they were spotless.

Lukas had his favorite fruit (grapes and strawberries) and sandwiches from Lee's Sandwiches, plus chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting (I did remember!) The kids loved the playground and the fire-related games we had, and the grand finale of the pinata left us with more candy to dole out over the next month. Whew! It's over!


Kelly said...

Happy 5th Birthday Lucas! Looks like a great party! Kelly F

Rachel M. said...

Happy Birthday, Lukas! :D It looks like you had such a great time! How fun. :D

God bless you all.

In Him Alone,
Rachel M.

Kelly said...

What a great way to celebrate!

Kelly W.