Sunday, February 22, 2009

We love you too!

Here's a picture of Lukas, exactly five years old (to the minute!) I had to use this picture since he signed "I love you" unprompted when I asked him to smile.

The scratch above his eye is from Konrad. Konrad is in the pulling hair and eyeglasses stage...he thinks it a game and we are working to teach him that it's not a game.

Happy Birthday, Lukas! We love you very much and are soooo glad that God blessed us with you.

Mom and Dad


Myssie said...

Happy Birthday Lukas!!! Love, Myssie, Will and Caroline

Terri H-E said...

Happy birthday, big boy! One whole handful - wow.

Rachel M. said...

What a great picture. :) My family and I know that sign very well. We had family members who used sign language. What a great blessing. :)

We are teaching Elizabeth to blow kisses. So she puts her hand to her mouth for awhile and then takes it off! :)

God bless!

The Peacock's said...

Happy Birthday Lukas! You are getting to be so big!

The Peacock's

Christine said...

Happy Birthday Lukas! Hope you had a great day. love from your friends in Canada, Christine, Alyssa and Nathan

Kristi said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. love, Kristi and Noah