Saturday, February 28, 2009

That Hurts!

For nearly one year, Cindy and I have been applying eye drops to Natalie's eyes every night before bed. The drops are for Natalie's higher than normal internal eye pressure, which could be a symptom of glaucoma and may be what caused her eye sight to worsen during the previous two years.

My job is to hold Natalie while Cindy opens Natalie's eyes and applies the drops. Every time we apply the drops, Natalie cries out in distress/pain. The task has never been easy and we have altered our methodology to see if we can reduce the stress on Natalie.

Tonight Cindy suggested that I let her put a drop in my eye to see what it feels like. Sure, why not? The drop went in cold, and started stinging within three or four seconds. The sting turned into a burning sensation like cutting raw onions. "This sucks"!

I do wish that we could find a way of applying the drops that would lessen her distress, but what I really hope for that the drops would end soon. But there is currently no end in sight.


Terri H-E said...

Oh, poor girl - every day? I did the same thing once - Addie doesn't need them every day, but I put a drop in my own eye first. It really did feel sort of refreshing the first half second and then it stung. I have not found a better way, but it certainly helped me understand the resistance a bit better. Awe, Natalie!

Brandi said...

It's always amazing to me how much pain our kids deal with and can tolerate. I'm sorry you had to experience the pain, but no wonder she hates them, I would too!