Sunday, March 1, 2009


Please excuse us, we're giggly goofy here at The Happy Ones. We've had a celebrity comment!

You'll have to go back to the post on Friday when I talked about Natalie saying "Hi!" and why she says it so on the comments and see who posted number 6. You'll understand why this is probably the only celebrity that Natalie recognizes, except maybe Disney and Sesame Street characters...but this is a real person!

We will be showing Natalie first thing in the morning, but that made Tom and my evening!


Kelly said...

How cool is that! Kelly F

Rachel M. said...

That is so neat! :)

Kelly said...

That is a celebrity!! So cool!!

Kelly W.

Michelle said...

That is so neat! How special!

Myssie said...

A celebrity siting on The Happy Ones!!! How exciting!!

Rachael said...

That's cool!

A British actress recently lost her daughter to RTS. There's some info here:

but it doesn't mention the condition by name, other sources do, though.

D2 said...

Oh wow indeed.
Rachel is one of my heroes - and our girls love Signing Time as well. How cool to have her comment on your blog!