Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Five-year check up

Lukas had his five-year check up yesterday, and Konrad came along for his 15-month shots. After she woke up from her post-school nap, Natalie had a fun afternoon with Sarah at home. I only told Lukas that morning that he was going to the doctor that day, and he said, "Ok." Two seconds later: "Am I getting any shots?" I told him I didn't know...which was true!

Lukas weighs 47 pounds and is 45 1/4" tall, 80th and 90th percentile for his age, respectively. Tom's comment that night was, "That's good...he's tall, but not freakishly." And he did have to have two shots. I asked Lukas if he wanted to have his shots first, or if Konrad should have his first. Lukas wanted Konrad to go first, then he said he would go first, but he ended up wanting Konrad to go first.

Konrad didn't cry on the first shot, then did cry on the second ("when is it going to stop?"). Lukas has been in an emotional state lately because we switched pools for his swimming lessons (so he's in a pool where he can't stand on the bottom), so he's been crying about fear lately, much more than ever before. He said he was afraid of the shots, and ended up crying quite a bit. He also needed a TB test, so the nurse had another nurse hold him down for it, since he was getting pretty emotional. This was a completely different visit from last year, when he didn't even cry for his two shots.

When we left through the reception area, two teenage girls and their mother couldn't help smiling at us. I don't think Lukas noticed, but I knew why they were smiling, "So that was the kid that was screaming bloody murder back there!"

I haven't told Lukas that his doctor also ordered a blood panel. (!) There wasn't enough time after the appointment to go get a blood sample, so we might try that tomorrow when we go back to have his TB test read. There will be Krispy Kremes after the blood sample, but I won't be telling Lukas what we're doing until we walk in the door of the blood sample place...he needs as little warning as possible so he doesn't get so worked up.


Sarah Hettervik said...

At least he's getting a Krispy Kream. It will all be worth it for that ;)

Kristi said...

Poor little guy.. Hope everyone is doing well