Sunday, March 29, 2009

Need any mic-key supplies?

Natalie's stoma is healing well. After the first day, there hasn't been any leakage, and the hole appears to have closed completely. Now it will just look like she has two belly buttons, with one unnatural one, two inches above her real belly button. I think I'm going to put lotion on it as it heals, and eventually put some of that scar-removing stuff on it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have no delusions that the scar will go away completely (there goes her chance at the Miss America bathing suit competition!), but I'm going to try to minimize it as much as possible.

Which brings us to the title of this post. We have g-tube feeding supplies left over and wanted to offer them to our blog readers first, before offering them to the rest of the RTS family, or then tossing them in the trash. Here's what we have:

1 16 Fr 1.5 cm Mic-key low profile gastrostomy feeding tube
17 Mic-key extension sets (with secur-lok right angle connector and 2 port "y" and clamp) did I accumulate so many?
10 60 ml syringes

Email me privately if you want any of these...after this week, I'll send an email to the RTS family.


Michelle said...

I used Mederma after I fell on ice and had to have stitches in my chin. Don't know if it's suitable for kids or not though. I did have an allergic reaction to it though and had to quit using it after a week. I had SEVERE itching! I tried to suck it up and deal with it but I couldn't!

Annina said...

We've found Vitamin E to be wonderful in treating scars. Katrina fell when she was just a year old and had to have stitches on her forehead and you can't even see it any more!
Buy it in gel capsules and use a pin to puncture one end and then squeeze it out on your finger to spread on the scar. It's easy and doesn't have wierd side effects!