Sunday, March 29, 2009

Out of the nest

I forgot to post about this until today, but the hummingbird in our avocado tree appears to have been a successful mother: she hatched two babies, and now the babies are gone (they've been gone for a few weeks).

It was interesting that while she was sitting on the eggs, she ate from our hummingbird feeder many times each day, but after the babies were hatched, she never ate from the feeder. She must have needed more nutrients than sugar water provides, to feed her babies.

Tom saw the babies eating out of the feeder one time, but now we haven't seen them for a while. Here's a picture I took of the babies right before they left the nest (click on the picture to enlarge). It doesn't look like there's enough room for both of them!

And now even better news (ok, I'm selfish)...the avocado tree is in full bloom! I saw bees pollenating the flowers yesterday. Unfortunately, the avocados won't be ready until autumn, but they're worth waiting for!

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Brandi said...

You have so many exciting things happening around your house. Thanks for sharing all of your joys with us!