Monday, March 16, 2009

Three monkeys in a tree

I love taking pictures of the kids in the tree, but it's not something I try without another adult present. Here's Tom's latest capture of The Happy Ones up a tree (I'm holding Konrad up and Lukas is holding Natalie up.)

Here's my favorite tree shot...but you can find more tree shots by clicking on the "tree shot" tag.


Sarah Hettervik said...

Aww how sweet. That really is a great picture.

Kelly said...

The cutest monkeys I have ever seen!

I like the idea of taking pictures in the same spot over time.

Kelly W.

Hechung said...

super cute!

Kelly said...

I remember when I first visted your blog and saw your favorite tree shot. So cute! And now I am seeing three monkies in a tree. . . adorable! Where has the time gone?!? Kelly F