Saturday, March 14, 2009

A family day at NASCAR

Did I make you blink?

No, we did not take our family to the Raceway at Pomona. We went to a Home Depot parking lot and saw the Home Depot NASCAR car.

What cheap entertainment! We support Home Depot with purchases several times a month, so it was nice to go there and not spend anything. We've never gone to the kids events they have there, where they let the kids build a project...we're always too busy building a project at our own home, and Lukas gets to participate with those projects.

But to see a NASCAR car up close and in person...we couldn't pass that up. Lukas (and Tom!) loved seeing all the weird details about a NASCAR car, like the sticker headlights and taillights...just like Lightning McQueen!

Natalie loved it that we were finally letting her touch a car...she loves touching any car she can get her hands on, and it's normally quite challenging for me to keep her from touching our or someone else's (dirty) car. But, like the fire engines at the birthday party, this car was quite clean (at least until our kids slobbered on it!) I'm proud of this picture of Natalie because she's using her index fingers to point, instead of pointing with her middle finger, like she often does.

Konrad was in a wandering off mood...much more interested in the truck and trailer that carry the NASCAR car than in the car itself.

And Tom and I liked it that we could walk there from our parked car (no stroller) and there was an area coned off so our kids could wander a bit without us having to hold their hands constantly. And it was pretty quiet early in the might get busier later in the day.

Although Lukas normally roots for the Lowes car, I think he now might be routing for #20 during the next race he watches!


Sarah Hettervik said...

Brad informs me I'm a Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson fan LOL

Tom said...

I'm still get use to the fact that Joey Logano, the driver for Home Depot, is closer to Lukas' age than he is to mine. He is 18!

Kelly said...

Great pictures.

AnnaKate also points with other fingers than her index. Would be interesting to know why.

Kelly W.