Friday, April 17, 2009

Natalie as her favorite Disney character

This is a picture of Natalie's crib.

This is a picture of Natalie's favorite Disney character. She actually has two Tiggers...this is the newer one she got for Christmas. The older Tigger is more threadbare and losing some stuffing.

Tigger is posed in the position that I found Natalie after her nap yesterday.

Tigger was crying.

We're looking for a crib tent this weekend!


Sawyer said...

Oh my goodness that is funny to see Tigger up there. I hope you find your crib tent soon. Glad to know she didn't get hurt or anything.

Kristi said...

Ahh Natalie is getting courageous. Noah started to do the same thing but in his high chair. Scared me at first so out comes the seat belt.

Kelly said...

That's my girl! Scary for you. . . but encouraging for me. Kelly F

angie said...

YIKES!! How about a toddler bed? Em was about her age when we moved her, and she did GREAT! are a little dare devil:). But, I'm sure the PT would think it was great:).

Cindy said...

A crib tent is cheaper than a toddler bed (we returned the one that was loaned to us for Lukas)...AND I'm a firm believer in keeping kids in the crib a little longer, instead of transitioning them sooner. I agree Natalie might do well in a toddler bed, but with three small kids, it's easier to control the chaos with two of them in cribs. And we got a crib tent last night. ;)

Michelle said...

If my memory serves me correctly, Austin was 4 when we got him a toddler bed...he's so tiny so it was working out fine! Thankfully, he never tried what Natalie did! How scary yet exciting! Brave girl!