Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Another benefit of Spring Break is that Natalie got to hang out with one of her RTS sisters, Julia, and Julia's sisters Alexa and Keira, today. Lukas and Konrad were along for the ride, and with Catherine (the other mom) and me there, they were definitely outnumbered: 6 girls to 2 boys. Catherine mentioned there aren't any trains at her house...our house is full of boy stuff, with a few dolls thrown in.

The kids played before lunch and Catherine and I tried to talk about "stuff" know, the stuff you can only talk about with another special needs mom. It's hard to carry on much of a conversation with 6 kids age 5 and under...but we managed!

After lunch, Lukas requested that we do a puppet show. Here's Julia making Natalie's Tigger into a puppet (she has a Tigger puppet at home), and Natalie and Keira watching intently. Natalie tried on a dress-up dress and we all had ice cream outside and got the kids to pose for a picture before Julia's family had to leave. Getting all six to look good is definitely a challenge! And then Lukas asked to take a picture of us, which actually turned out pretty good.

We had a wonderful morning!

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Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

wish we were there! someday!!!