Saturday, April 4, 2009

Swings and eggs

Our infant/toddler swing has gotten so much use (it's 4 years old) that we've worn it out. The buckle is threadbare, and we still plan to use a swing for several more years, so I bought a new one. Here's a picture of Lukas in the old swing when it was brand new, and here's a picture of him today playing with the old swing after we took it down (he hung it on his zip line).

And here's a picture of Natalie test driving the new swing. I was going to get the exact same swing we had before, but this one has a weight limit that's five pounds more than the old one, and it has the option to not use the restraint, so the child can get used to holding himself in the swing (something I'd like to start working with Natalie on). Even though we latched the restraint, she still squirmed her arms out of the 5-point harness (she's used to a 3-point harness on the old swing).

After the swing was installed (and Konrad awoke from his nap), the kids did an egg hunt in the backyard. We're seeing how it works this year to call them "spring eggs" and do the hunt before Easter, to try to disassociate the secular trappings with the religious holiday (next year we'll try to do it even earlier). And we're asking Lukas a lot about what we really celebrate on Easter (his recent answers have included "finding eggs in the yard", hence our change of vocabulary).

And then there was the tasting of the egg treats. Konrad wasn't sure if he wanted the chocolate in his mouth or to make a third eye! I wonder if the chocolate didn't melt in his mouth fast enough, he tried to melt it on his face?


Michelle said...

I love the picture of Konrad grinning and covered in chocolate. He looks so proud of himself! By the way, your flowers are beautiful!

Cindy said...

Thanks, Michelle. Tom planted the ranunculas bulbs last fall and they've come up beautifully now in the spring.

Brandi said...

I love your idea of Spring Eggs and how you did it today instead of next Sunday. We may just do the same thing around our house next year (this year Nathan will be in the hospital for Easter)!

I love looking at pictures of your beautiful children! They always look so happy :)