Monday, April 13, 2009

We're tired!

We're tired but happy. We had a fantastic celebration this weekend, both with our family and at our church, of our Savior's resurrection. Saturday we spent with Tom's parents and sisters, and Sunday afternoon we visited Tom's Uncle Olav and cousins Leif and Carla, and Jean and Jewelee.

First of all, a short video of Tom's dad feeding Konrad mashed potatoes (you can see a few of Mom's paintings in the background)...

Aunt Chris showing Lukas how to build a house with the blocks she and the other kids played with maaaannny years ago...
Long day and teething proved to be too much for Konrad. I tried to cheer him up with the sock monkey Aunt Chris gave.
Natalie bumped Tom's arm right when he took this nice picture of Mom getting ready for dessert.
Dad and Natalie had a fun time smiling at each other (more of Mom's paintings in the background).

Lukas and Natalie had fun getting Hershey to jump for the liquid ambar seed pods.

Natalie says it's time to find another seed pod for Hershey!

Natalie is cheering Lukas on as he bowls on the Wii. She knew exactly when to cheer.

I'm holding Lukas to keep him from hitting the TV as he boxes on the Wii.
Natalie giving Uncle Olav a good night kiss...

...and Leif Sr. a high five!

Whew! We need a break!


Kristi said...

Looks like your family had a wonderful Easter. I really enjoyed your previous post about Natalie's hair. Her baby pictures made me smile. She is so beautiful and her smile reminds me so much of Noah..

Sawyer said...

Looks like you had a great Easter spending it with family. I saw the picture of your kids on the right, it is so cute!