Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day, part 3

Of course, there's a part 3! With an international visitor, we had to share American baseball with Kathrin...and it's easier to get into a baseball stadium with a third adult to help with the kids.

The Angels game today was to be followed by a fireworks show, so we took two cars, planning that one of us would take the kids home early and the other would stay with Kathrin for the fireworks show. But the game was so terrible (unless you're from Chicago), that Kathrin and I only stayed until the 7th inning stretch before leaving. Tom took the kids home, wanting to get an early night himself.

We visited the memorial for Nick Adenhart outside the stadium before going inside to get Angels hats for Natalie and Konrad (Lukas already had one). Natalie loves her hat...Konrad doesn't like his very much, even though he loves other hats!

We purchased five seats for our party of six, but only needed four seats: Natalie wouldn't stay seated in her seat, so I held her most of the time. Thankfully I remembered to bring Tigger, so she ended up cuddling with him when she got tired. But she sure enjoyed the clapping every time there was a good play for the Angels (which wasn't often enough!)

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