Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Birthday boy

Happy Birthday, Tom!

We took advantage of our new Disneyland passes and visited on his birthday. Normally, Southern California residents can get into Disneyland free on their birthday, but if you already have a pass and you come on your birthday, you get a gift card for $69 (the price of a ticket) toward stuff at any Disneyland store. Unfortunately, it isn't usable at Disneyland restaurants, so we left without using the gift card, but I'm sure Tom will think of something to buy with it.

It was fun to go in the evening without kids, and Tom picked all the rides he wanted to do. Wearing his "birthday pin" got us in the front seat of every ride we rode...it didn't get us to the front of the line, just the front seat of the ride when we finally got to the front. We stood in line for the bobsleds for a long time, but they weren't working and we finally left the line...hey, that's a ride I don't want to ride if it's not functioning properly!

It's still funny for me to go to Disneyland and see so many people in one place, but going on Tuesday evening, there were a lot fewer people than when we went last Wednesday. I suppose I might get used to the crowds...

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