Wednesday, June 24, 2009

VBS Day 3

Here's Lukas blowing feathers with a straw, and Natalie chasing bubbles in the outdoor play.

And if a morning of VBS activities isn't enough, we can always have a doctor visit in the afternoon, too! Natalie and I are off to meet her surgeon, who will close the stoma from her g-tube (at a later date!) I'd say that the stoma closed 95% of the way, but there is still little "weeping" coming from the wound, so it will have to be closed surgically.


Brandi said...

Once the pictures. Sorry to hear about the surgery, but at least it is coming out and not going in. I would be elated if Nathan had his out by three! We are trying to find an e-stim provider so we can get started soon.

Sawyer said...

Love the pictures!