Monday, September 27, 2010

A blast from the past

In addition to helping Tom move the kids' beds around, I also cleaned out a kitchen drawer (notice, I said "a"...I should clean out more kitchen drawers...maybe next week!)

Here's a picture of what I found.  Tom's first question is "how many were there?"  I don't know...someone else can count them.

The first set of spoons at the top were the ones I used with Lukas, and the purple, red and green forks and spoons in the middle are the ones he used when he learned to feed himself.  All the others were purchased to help Natalie learn to eat by mouth.  Natalie's OT or SLP would suggest a different type of spoon and we would go get it, because when you're dealing with a child who hasn't eaten by mouth in six months, any slight thing can make a difference! 

So the top row was used to feed her tiny bits of pureed fruits during e-stim therapy, and the bottom row are the utensils used when she was learning to feed herself... from the left, the chunkier handles, moving toward the toddler utensils on the right.  Good thing I don't have a picture of all the sippy cups we tried...those take up too much space and have already been thrown out.

I'm happy to say that in our house, everyone currently uses "regular" utensils.  But look what I get to try with Dominik when the time comes!

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Angelica mom to JesusRTS said...

wow, thats a lot i'm with you on the sippy cups though we have tried so many with jesus to find that none worked we did the same thing with bottles when he was little exept i back then i though whatever i try will work so i bought a whole set of bottles only for him not to drink from it (sigh) now i know better i buy one if it works i go and buy more if not then i keep trying but never buy in bulk until it works...

on your last post i wanted to let you know that i have noticed the seizures more with jesus when he is sleepy/tierd and sick. Jesus is going threw a stage were he wont nap just play in his crib so if you find something that works let me know :)