Saturday, September 25, 2010

In search of a nap...

...for three kids at once.

Here's the backstory, to bring you up to date.  Last year's preschool class time meant Natalie came home at 2:15 or 2:30.  She often arrived home asleep on the bus, but only slept 5-10 minutes max, which meant no chance of her falling asleep again for a real nap.  So she sort of left her nap behind.

And then we moved her into the boys' room so Dominik would have a room to himself while he was learning to sleep through the night (and I was getting up to feed him), and all chance of naps for Natalie disappeared, since it's more important that Konrad gets a nap (he needs 1.5 to 2 hours) than Natalie (she needs 30 minutes).

But Natalie's abnormal EEG has changed things.  We think she's having more seizures when she's tired, and even though they're short and we hope to get medication soon, we want to do everything we can to decrease their frequency.

Two bedrooms, three children needing naps AND we homeschool.  Hmmm.

So today we moved Dominik's crib into the boys' room.  It is now a boys' room forever!  And Natalie went back to her room.  For the morning and afternoon nap, Dominik will sleep in his crib in the boys' room; during morning nap Konrad will play in Natalie's room after he's done with his seatwork during homeschool time (Natalie's at school) and sleep in his bedroom in the afternoon; and Natalie will be in her bedroom for quiet time in the afternoon that hopefully includes sleep.

Dominik still squawks at night (even though I don't feed him between 10 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.) so he'll sleep in the Pack N Play in the living room at night until he stops making noises...then he can sleep in his crib in the boys' room again.

So how did it go today?

Dominik had a morning nap in his crib in the boys' room.  See him?  He's in there!

Natalie LOVED having her bed back in a room by herself "with all my friends". 

But she's not used to napping.  I locked the door to keep her in the room, and she roamed around the room for over an hour before she finally slept.  But not in the bed.

Hey, that's a nap!  That's success!

The day was not complete success...Dominik stirred early from his afternoon nap, but I'm sure everyone will get used to the new arrangements soon.  And I'm so happy that Natalie will have a chance to rest and hopefully nap.  Konrad?  Once he's asleep, he's very hard to wake up from his afternoon nap before 2 hours have passed.  Whoo hoo!


Jessica said...

It can be a challenge. We had Cait and Nate in a room as Rach would keep Rach up. The kids were going on 8 and 9, so we had to split them up. Sooooooo... Last year we built our home. We built a 2600 sqft 5+1 bedroom home. I'm sending goodluck vibes!

Jessica said...

Opps I meant, Rach would keep Cait up

Cindy said...

But the first way makes sense too, Jessica! Natalie definitely keeps Natalie up...but she also keeps Konrad from going to sleep.

Karen said...

One thing that worked for my non-sleeper even going to bed at night. He could bring whatever he wanted into bed, but once he went in there he could not put his feet on the floor. At night he could not have a light on. His body needed time to slow down so this seemed to work. I would wake him with legos or cars, etc. all around him in bed but he eventually went to sleep and he thought it was on his terms which made it better.

I see Natalie has a bunch of friend in her bed so this just might work for her.

Cindy said...

Thanks for the idea, Karen. Natalie definitely likes to roam around before bed...we've gotten almost under control at night, but naptime is another thing. I do need to treat it the same.

angie said...

Hello Cindy.....I know that I haven't posted on my blog or commented much lately, but I always check on all of you:). We got Emma black out curtains that make her room completely dark. We also got her a lava lamp (which is good for kids with sensory issues). Ever since....she goes to bed like a champ, and days that she is home she takes great naps (usually 45 minutes to an hour). Hope this helps:). HUGS!

Cindy said...

Thanks, Angie. We have blackout blinds in the boys' room, and but she does ok with light at night, just not at naptime...but maybe I should try blackout blinds at naptime. I'll have to figure out a place to put the lava lamp that she can't touch it...