Thursday, October 14, 2010

Not quite ready

Lukas has outgrown his old taekwondo uniform, so the other day he got a new one.  Today as I was washing his old one to put away, I asked Konrad if he wanted to try it on.  He said, "NO!"  Ok, I put it away.  Lukas' taekwondo gym only takes kids as young as 4 years, so Konrad has more than a year to go.

Then five minutes later, Konrad decided he DID want to try on the uniform.  I dressed Konrad, rolled up the long pants and sleeves, and put a white belt on him.  Konrad was happy for about two seconds, and then he wanted to get that white belt off!  I guess he felt like it was a straight jacket on him, even though it wasn't tight around his waist...and he only made the knot tighter as he tried to get it off!

Now the uniform is back in the closet, waiting for another day year.  But it was cute for a few minutes!

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Michelle said...

Your kids crack me up! =)