Friday, October 15, 2010

Another potty note

Thursday's note on Natalie's bag:

"Today Natalie went potty when I took her at 10:15.  Then during free choice at 10:35 Natalie went into the bathroom independently, sat down and peed more.  :)"

I am soooo excited about her success at school, and I'm working hard to not get frustrated that she refuses to go at home.  Wednesday she came home with no diaper on, so I took her to the potty and she sat but didn't go.  I could tell she HAD to go (a little dribble), but she squirmed and refused to go for 15 minutes.  Finally when she got up, she peed on the floor.  Tom reminded me that she's probably peed standing up for the past two years...but unfortunately she's not the right gender for that to be a regular practice!

Yesterday afternoon she sat on the potty at the therapy clinic before her session, her pull-up was dry, but she didn't go.  The therapist also took her to the potty during her session because she seemed to be showing she need to go, but she didn't go.  So it seems Melanie at school has the trick...Natalie is most comfortable there.

The great part of this (I'm always looking for the bright side!) is that Natalie is obviously ready to be potty trained.  Before we started, I didn't think she would have success this quickly, because she has resisted and didn't seem to care that she's wet or dirty.  Better success because someone else is doing it?  Because 20 other children are cheering her on?  I don't know, but I know lots of people who would pay good money for their special needs child to be potty trained!  I wonder if someone has started a business? 

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