Friday, October 15, 2010

Wild and Reckless

I'm trying to get back into the habit of taking one child on a date when we don't have a doctor's appointment during the time when our babysitter, Aime, comes.  Yesterday was the first in a long time!  (We've had a lot of doctor's appointments recently.)

So before taekwondo, I took Lukas out for an ice cream cone.  His favorite flavor is Wild and Reckless Sherbet (green, blue and orange colors, I think).  And then he wanted sprinkles on top!  We talked about what talents God has given him and what he might do when he grows up.  This is a little of our conversation:

L:  I could build buildings...or be the president.
C:  The president of your own company?
L:  No, the President of the United States.
C:  Oh, ok.  What would you do as President of the United States?
L:  Well, I wouldn't be socialist.
C:  Ok, that's what you wouldn't be...what WOULD you be?
L:  I would make automatic water fountains.
C:  Why are automatic water fountains important to the United States?
L:  Because regular water fountains have buttons that are hard to push.
C:  Ok, would you make them or would you have someone else make them?
L:  Oh, I guess someone else would make them, but I would tell them we need them.
C:  I see.
L:  Or I could be a plumber.  Or I could make buildings.
C:  You could be an architect.
L:  What's an architect?
C:  Someone who draws up the designs of buildings.
L:  Yes, I want to be an architect.  I would design outdoor plumbing systems.

So there you have it...from President to plumber.  I'm still cheering for design engineer of water treatment systems.

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Patrice said...

I love that boy, please tell him so.

Auntie Patrice