Friday, October 22, 2010

The Real Natalie

Ok, I think we have The Real Natalie back.  The Other Natalie has disappeared after taking Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) to counteract the side effects of Keppra.  I noticed a difference last night after she took a dose and again this morning, and Melanie, Natalie's teacher, said she did much better today "she still got distracted but not nearly like it has been."

AND the note in the backpack today (carried by the Natalie who is wearing the same pants she went to school in...different shirt, but oh well) said, "Natalie pooped 2x in the toilet today.  :)  WOW!  and also peed 1 time.  The 2nd poop, she went in to the bathroom independently.  I told her that she needs to do this at home also. :)"

So I tried Natalie on the toilet as soon as she came home from school (she had no diaper on...which is sort of code for "she's gone pee recently"), then again before lunch, after lunch, and twice during Sesame Street.  Then after Sesame Street was over and it was nap time, she peed on the toilet AT HOME.  It has been a long time since she's done this (and the first time since she started going at school), so I'm very excited.  I gave her a big sticker.  I will give her as many stickers as she wants for using the toilet!

Side note...Konrad asked for his pacy for naptime, and I told him he doesn't use a pacy anymore.  He cried a bit and might have pressed the issue more, but I was helping Natalie in the bathroom so he just went to bed.  Good boy!

Lots of practice this weekend in store for Natalie...

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Michelle said...

wow, what an accomplishment for Natalie (and you!).