Friday, October 22, 2010

Two for one

Yesterday morning, I awoke at 4 a.m. to the sounds of "I need my pacy!"

Konrad wakes up and can't find his pacy in his bed one or two times a week...not every day...which is why I have not gotten on top of it yet.  Sort of like my cell phone service that cuts me off in the middle of an important call:  it didn't happen every time, and I was too busy to make a change.

Well, bad cell phone customer service and boys who wake up wailing for pacys in the middle of the night...BEWARE!

After hiding the pacy yesterday (ok, I'll admit I wasn't brave enough to throw it away...I kept it, just in case), Konrad looked for it when he went to bed last night.  Dominik was already asleep in the room, so I shushed Konrad, but he started on his wailing cry, "I need my pacy!" so I took him to the living room to talk.

I explained that babies use diapers and pacys and he's not wearing diapers any more and he's not a baby, so he doesn't need a pacy.  There was a lot of "I need my pacy!" in the conversation, but I kept repeating my argument and encouraging him on what a big boy he is.  I got him to walk back to his room, but he started with the crying again, so we talked again on the couch:  I repeated all my arguments and gave him lots of hugs and kisses.  After a few minutes we went back to his room and he got tucked into bed and made not a peep.

Not a peep...all night!

I was so excited with the success of getting Konrad to go to bed without a pacy that I decided to push my luck and not get Dominik up to feed before I went to bed at 10.

So what happened?

Konrad woke at 5 am to use the bathroom, and I think the noise that he made woke up Dominik.

At 5 am!  I left Dominik in bed until 5:30 and fed him then, so that was 12 hours between feedings!

So no more pacy for Konrad, no bedtime feedings for Dominik, two for one!  Oh, a new cell phone, that's three for one.

Hmm, what else is bugging me...?

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