Thursday, October 21, 2010

We made cookies

It's been a busy week, with hardly time to take pictures and/or blog.  It seems that Tuesday, which is supposed to be my easy day because Lukas is finally away at school, always ends up being incredibly busy after all:  I guess it's a good thing that "emergencies" happen on Tuesday when I'm most able to handle them, but I sure would like an easy Tuesday where I can sit and relax.

The emergency this Tuesday was that while I was talking to Natalie's neurologist about side effects of Keppra, my cell phone service died.  That was the last straw.  I have complained to our provider so often, and never had a return call back, and I was done with it.  So after we rushed home and I put a landline call into the doctor, I researched phone service, got back in the car and bought two new phones for Tom and me (missing the doctor's return call) and then spent the rest of the day and yesterday making sure our numbers ported over. Well, I did a few more things besides that, but it was the thing hanging over my head that I was finally happy to have done.  Reliable cell phone service is not a luxury...and I finally MADE the time to switch providers.

Then yesterday and this morning were frenzied to get Tom and Lukas off on a field trip.  The house is very quiet with the two biggest talkers gone.  Konrad is filling in the gap..."I want to go on a field trip!"  This was repeated quite often on the way to and from Natalie's therapy, so I placated him with the promise of making cookies.  Here's a picture of Natalie and Konrad eating the cookies, taken with my new cell phone (Tom took our regular camera with him).

The new wrinkle is the question of whether Keppra is causing Natalie's slight change in behavior: more wobbly on her feet, more distracted than normal.  Her PT mentioned today that she looked up Keppra and one of the side effects is dizziness.  I need to check it myself, because the only thing the neurologist mentioned was aggressive behavior.  Wobbliness and distractedness are always descriptive of Natalie, so this could just be a phase, or it could be the medication.  But her PT said she gave Natalie a puzzle that Natalie is quite familiar with, and it took her twice the time to solve as normal.  I hope the medication that's been prescribed to alleviate the side effects doesn't cause other side effects!  I need to look that up too!


Tarah said...

My mom's cell service is not very good either and it's harder now that I don't live with her :).

Karen said...

I missed reading you this week. I really hope you get everything straightened out with Natalie. Such a precious child (the boys are too).