Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bath memories

My baby has grown up...and out of his bathtub.  This week while bathing Dominik in his baby bathtub, and him sitting up and trying to roll out of it, I realized he's done with it and it's time to move on to the sink.

We've been putting a lot of free baby stuff on the curb for anyone who wants it, but Lukas wanted to take a picture with the baby bathtub before we gave it away...with all four children who used it in this house (it was actually a hand-me-down from a friend, so it's seen a lot of baby bottoms!)  It's funny that Lukas didn't want to take a picture with the infant car seat that Dominik has also grown out of...that saw more use than the bathtub, but I guess it's because Lukas has enjoyed watching his siblings have a bath as a baby.

In tribute to that bathtub that won't be used again at this home, here are some "first bath" shots at The Happy Ones:

(I don't have a still photo of Lukas in the bathtub as a baby, only video...sorry Lukas, we were first-time parents!)

Natalie enjoyed it!

Konrad did not enjoy his first bath. Notice the "ears" reminder we wrote on the tub...left over from when we bathed Natalie in it and had to remember to plug her ears during a bath.  Natalie first had ear tubes placed at about 12 months, so she used this tub A LONG TIME!

And Dominik was cool as a cucumber about his first bath:

Bye bye bathtub!

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Kristi said...

Catching up on my blogs.
It's been a while. Dominik is looking so grow up already.