Monday, November 22, 2010

Change of routine

Natalie's school has two days of furlough this week, plus some "local holiday"...what, Thanksgiving Eve? So Natalie is home all week!  Lukas had a few minutes of school today to finish up some lessons we didn't complete last week and now he's done with school for a week as well.

We had been noticing a few seizures every few days, so a week ago we increased Natalie's dosage of Keppra.  Unfortunately, that also brought back the "spacey" Natalie...she's not falling as much as she was when she first started on Keppra, but she's definitely not attentive, as she had grown to be before starting on Keppra and again after taking Vitamin B6.  Sadly, I think she's at the maximum of Vitamin B6 she can take, so we can't just increase that because she's taking more Keppra.  The neurologist hopes Natalie will adjust to the Keppra.  We want to keep it up until next week when Natalie will have a 24-hour EEG.

But on a more fun note...the baking has begun!  Saturday I made cranberry sauce for the two Thanksgivings we're celebrating, and today the kids helped make two batches of cookie dough.  Tomorrow I'm prepping a cake and pie filling, and Wednesday is all baking, all day: all the cookies, two or three pies and a cake.  And I love love love my deep freeze:  I got 3 turkeys to save for after Thanksgiving, weighing a total of 56 pounds for a total cost of $13.  Lots of meat and turkey broth in our future!

What else has changed?  The weather!  It's finally cold enough to wear long sleeves and long pants and a jacket.  But it's even colder where we're going for the second Thanksgiving celebration...we'll be playing in snow!

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