Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Catching up

Once again, we've been living life and not blogging about it, but it's time to catch up!  Some of the next few posts might be out of order of when they happened, but, hey, there are pictures, so I know you'll forgive!

Tom and I were very excited that Natalie was willing to put on a princess costume and even wear a tiara to go to a Harvest Festival Sunday night with some friends from Lukas' school.  Last year I tried to put it on Natalie but she was NOT interested.  This year, I made sure she had a shirt on underneath in case the seams were too scratchy for her (and to stay warm).  I can't remember who gave us the princess dress, but it's wonderful and Natalie loved being a princess!  That's the same tiara from Natalie's first birthday party...she hasn't worn it since because she always takes headbands off and bends them.  But this she left in place!

Lukas helped me braid some rope to use as suspenders for his 49er costume.  I love not spending a penny on costumes...Tom says, "this is the way it used to be."  Konrad and Dominik also wore plaid shirts to look western, but although Konrad "wants to look like Lukas," he doesn't want to actually carry the paraphernalia that goes with the costume.  Lukas was pretty good about carrying his gold pan (Tom had a real one) and pick axe (home made from cardboard) for 10 minutes or so before they were left in the stroller.

Sorry, no pictures of the carnival (it was definitely enough just wrangling the kids without also taking pictures) but they had a lot of fun and came home with the right amount of candy for three kids (usually it's five times too much!)  Thank you to Allison, Lynnsey and Kim for inviting us to your church's carnival...it was a blast!

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Jessica said...

Natalie in her princess costume, is making me smile.. Oh my, cutest of the cute! I love her....