Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sitting up

Dominik is starting to sit up very well.  He'll actually sit unsupported for a minute or more.  But when he does flop over, it's not a pretty sight...he still has to learn to put his hands in front.  But he's doing so great rolling over, inching forward, scooting backward, and sitting!

I used to have to put pillows around my 5- and 6-month olds to help them learn to sit up I have a son who does the same thing!  And that great car that Aunt Patrice gave Natalie so long works great to teach sitting!


Kelly said...

Caught up on your blog! Your kids are changing by the minute! Lukas makes a great boppy pillow! Kelly F

Karen said...

Okay - where is the baby that was just born yesterday. I remember quite well Tom joking and telling us you had gone to the hospital. Wasn't that just last weekend or so. Such a good big brother. They are so cute.

I say all this as my grandson is growing just as fast and will be two in January. He was just born a couple of month ago and all he does now is say NO!

Michelle said...

wow seems like yesterday that Dominik was born and now he's sitting! Just a reminder to enjoy this newborn stage!

Cindy said...

Yep, Michelle, it goes by very quickly!