Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This is what I found Natalie doing today...being a bad influence on her little brother!

Full disclosure:  the reason I had the camera in hand was that Konrad yelled, "Mom, Natalie's in Dominik's bed!"  Isn't it funny how he can speak in a complete, clear sentence when he's tattling?

So I didn't run to get her out first, I went to get the camera.

And Konrad obviously knew it wasn't allowed, because he tattled on Natalie.  But it looked like fun, Mom was taking a picture instead of correcting Natalie, so he decided it must be ok to do (Dominik wasn't in the crib, this time).

Isn't it ironic that the last time we discussed climbing on the crib, it was because Natalie was climbing out?  I've also seen Natalie trying to climb into the PackNPlay while Dominik was in it.

Yes, I need to train!  Currently, just because Dominik is in his crib or PackNPlay, doesn't mean he's safe!

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Karen said...

I love the new pictures. Lucas has grown up so much this year and what can I say about Dominik. What a cutie. You have beautiful children.