Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Rituals

It's fun to have little family rituals as we celebrate the holidays, like fondue and champagne when we decorate the tree (that was started before we had children, of course, and has continued...for the adults, of course!)  I hope to make Christmas cookies tomorrow, but the last few days we've worked on the Gingerbread House.  Last year was our first year for a Gingerbread House, and Lukas had fun looking back at the picture and figuring out what we used to decorate it.

This year I actually bought candy for decorating the house, instead of just using what I had in the house.  And Konrad helped a little too, although he just wanted to eat the decorations after a few minutes.

Tonight we're going to look at Christmas lights (quick dinner at a fast-food taco place in that neighborhood...all part of the ritual!), and Christmas Eve dinner is tamales...just because we live near places that make GREAT tamales.  If our kids were older and didn't have such early bedtimes, we'd attend a Christmas Eve service...maybe next year.

What are your holiday rituals?

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