Saturday, January 29, 2011

Breezy afternoon

Friday afternoon, Lukas' taekwondo studio closed down and went to a regional park to work out.  I love the idea of taking what they always do indoors and moving it outside.  Since we were going to a nice big park anyway, I brought Natalie's trike and Konrad's bike along so we could go for a walk (Dominik in the stroller) while Lukas worked out.

Lukas was backwards, then had to turn around quick and run a sprint.

All the kids stretched their legs around a tree.

Slow down!  Konrad is used to riding fast with Lukas up front (and I'm used to Lukas keeping him from going too far ahead).  But Konrad did really well at not getting too far ahead of me, and stopping to wait for me.  Natalie is going much faster now that she's on her new-to-her bigger wheel trike (hand-me-down from Lukas' school since they don't have space to store it anymore).  This was such a blessing, because we don't feel she's ready for a bike with training wheels, but this trike will grow with her for at least another year or two.

Now that Natalie loves riding her trike, I could get her to wear a helmet.  Before, when she didn't really care about riding a trike, I didn't push her to wear a helmet, but now she loves both.  And she HAS to wear a helmet with this bigger protected her during two falls on this one outing.


Sawyer said...

Looks like the kids are enjoying the nice weather.

Jessica said...

I want some :-) I tip good!!!

I really could use a week there.. Its -33 here with the wind and lots of snow, your so lucky... The only thing we grow is icecles from the eaves..